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Early Dismissal Information

Occasionally it may be necessary to cancel or dismiss school early due to inclement weather, power failure, water system failure, or sewer failure may also necessitate an early dismissal ofschool. Families are encouraged to develop a plan in case of early dismissals.

Notifications of emergency dismissals are provided through the district's All-call system via phone. If you are not receiving phone notification and wish to do so, please contact the District Office and provide your phone number.

Notice of all emergency dismissals and cancellations will be broadcast over the local radio stations. When the weather is threatening, turn on your radio to WMOI (97.7 FM), WRAM (1330 AM), WRMJ (102.3 FM).
TV Channel 8 will also post emergency dismissal times.

All practices and meetings for extracurricular activities are canceled on days when school is dismissed early or not in session due to inclement weather. If school is dismissed early due to heat, practices will be held before school or after 7:00 p.m. Any cancellation of games will be decided on an individual basis and will be broadcast on all local radio stations. A game may be played on the night of a day school was cancelled due to inclement weather at the discretion of the administration.

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